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What difference does a design make?

You might already know exactly what you want, and where you want it already and our team can implement this for you.  


If you're looking for some options and inspiration to make sure you've creatively maximised your space, a design  is a great option to choose. Our designer Charis can guide you visually through making choices on layout, materials, planting and how to style outdoor areas, all presented through digital and printed plans and 3D models.

She's on site working with the KR team to manage designed projects as they progress, so we can make quick, on-the-ground changes and choices if needed.

What does a design cost?

2D Layout plan from 155.00

We can suggest materials and finishes for your space  in line with your budget, and create a a 2D layout plan. This will include accurate measurements, and the quantities of your chosen materials.  We'll email this over for you to review and the price includes adapting it following your feedback., before the team construct it. We ask This begins at 155.00 for smaller spaces. We'll ask you to email us some pictures and measurements for an accurate cost on design.

3D Developed Design plan: 
Through a longer consultation, Charis can work out your style preferences and create a zoned layout that suits your property, lifestyle and budget. She can help you choose the right materials and finishes across the space, and suggest ideas for planting. She'll then create coloured 2D and 3D layout plans, models and images to help you get a much more accurate picture of how it will look. She'll discuss this with you and make changes following your feedback., before the plan goes to the construction team. This starts at 265.00, but we'll ask you to email us some pictures and measurements so we can give you an accurate cost on design.


Planting Plan £120

An important part of the life and enjoyment of your garden is balancing landscaping with complimentary planting. We can draw up a detailed planting plan for your new space, and source these from our trusted suppliers. We'll happily get these planted in for you too as part of the overall project if you'd like us too.

Garden design plan
Garden design plan
Garden deisgn plan
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